CPD requirements for trainers

The Wales approach to trainer recognition requires a prospective commitment to ongoing professional development.  This is because as curricula content, assessment methods and expected outcomes change, the skills and knowledge relating to the role of a trainer need to be revisited and updated on an ongoing basis.

It is part of a continuous process designed to support and encourage trainers in their practice.  By signing the Agreement trainers commit prospectively to ongoing engagement and self-development by undertaking relevant, ongoing CPD in relation to their trainer role. 

The GMC uses the Academy of Medical Educators' ‘Professional standards for medical, dental and veterinary educators’ (2014) as the criteria against which all trainers in recognised roles must provide evidence of their ongoing professional development.  The standards set out the following 7 areas of required development:

  1. ensuring safe and effective patient care through training
  2. establishing and maintaining an environment for learning
  3. teaching and facilitating learning
  4. enhancing learning through assessment
  5. supporting and monitoring educational progress
  6. guiding personal and professional development
  7. continuing professional development as an educator


The Medical Trainer Agreement (Secondary Care and Undergraduate Education) requires trainers to commit to undertaking a minimum amount of CPD activity per year and specific minimum requirements are set out in the table below. 

*Please note that the hours of CPD recommended in the table above are minimum amounts and trainers are encouraged to undertake additional professional development opportunities that may be available to them.  Named Clinical Supervisors are encouraged to aim to undertake a minimum of 8 hours’ professional development activity each year, equivalent to that undertaken by those in the other Trainer roles.


Trainers should keep a record of CPD activity undertaken and submit it to inform discussions at their NHS whole-practice appraisal.   

Click here for information on professional development opportunities for trainers.  Your local Education Centre or Training Programme Director may also be able to provide further information on development opportunities that may be available. 

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