Quality Management Processes

Commissioning Process

The Commissioning process is one of the quality management processes used by HEIW as part of its Quality Management Framework.

The main remit of the Commissioning Process is to undertake an annual review of activity in each Local Education Provider (NHS Health Boards/Trusts) across Wales. The review considers compliance with the required national standards for medical education and training over the previous year and a check that organisations have been able to, and can continue to, deliver against HEIW's Service Level Agreement with Local Education Providers (LEPs). In addition, it is an opportunity to acknowledge best practice.

Click here for an overview of the 2015 Commissioning process.

Targeted Process

The Targeted process is a responsive quality management process which is used by HEIW to investigate possible training quality issues and collaborate with LEP’s to ensure that an appropriate action plan is taken forward where concerns are substantiated.

The process is underpinned by evidence which is derived from multiple sources including the GMC Training Surveys and sets out a staged approach to investigating training quality concerns which allows escalation of the issues as appropriate and facilitates a proportionate response to concerns. It is underpinned by a risk management process which enables HEIW to identify areas of priority and ensures that quality management activity is focussed where it is needed the most. Typically low level risk concerns are taken forward by the relevant Specialty and Local Faculty Leads with higher risk concerns usually having support from the Quality & Postgraduate Education Support Unit which may include a formal visit. Whilst the Targeted Process is the primary quality management tool for training concerns, ad hoc low level training concerns may be dealt with outside of the Targeted process as part of routine training programme management or local management.

Click here for an overview of the Targeted Process.

Click on the documents below for guidance for when a formal HEIW visit is arranged:

Trainee Visit Guidance

Department Visit Guidance

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