Quality Management Framework

HEIW’s Quality and Postgraduate Education Support Unit is responsible for the quality management of postgraduate medical and dental education and training in Wales.

This responsibility is discharged through the application of HEIW’s Quality Management Framework (QMF) which is essential in ensuring compliance with national training standards and ultimately in ensuring a patient centred approach which safeguards safety.

Quality Management Framework Descriptor

HEIW’s approach to quality management has two key components:

1. Scheduled Component

HEIW undertakes annual Commissioning visits to LEPs. This process facilitates a strategic discussion around the commissioning and de-commissioning of training posts as well as providing a mechanism to consider the educational environment. More information on the 2015 Commissioning process can be found here.

HEIW also has an Annual Training Programme Reporting Process which is based upon a self-assessment against the regulator standards. The process includes a feedback process in order to enhance the governance arrangements within training programmes.

2. Responsive Component

The Targeted Process is the mechanism by which concerns around the quality of training are managed. The process can be triggered at any stage to enable HEIW to respond to concerns at the earliest opportunity. A particular feature of the process is that there are varying levels of escalation which enables HEIW to adopt a proportionate response to concerns. Click here for further information on the Targeted Process.

What evidence does HEIW use in quality management?

HEIW utilises multiple sources of evidence which are triangulated in order to assess the quality of training. These evidence sources include:

  • National sources such as the National GMC Trainee and Trainer Surveys
  • Local training programme structures such as ARCP outcomes or end of placement evaluation data;
  • Direct feedback from trainees or Local Education Providers.

Raising Training Concerns

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