In line with Regulator requirements, HEIW is committed to the regular input of external representatives together with occasional external review as a key component of good governance.

As such, HEIW utilises a pool of Lay Representatives who are fully impartial and independent and able to represent the voice of the public. Their role is to oversee that arrangements, policies and procedures are robust, transparent and fair and that a process of accountability is in place.

HEIW is now recruiting Lay Representatives. Click here for more information.

Current Lay Representative activity includes appropriate input to the following areas:

  • Specialty Training Programme recruitment
  • Annual Reviews of Competence Progression (ARCPs)
  • Commissioning meetings
  • Deanery-led quality management visits
  • Local specialty-led quality management visits
  • Quality and Postgraduate Education Support Committee
  • Trainer Recognition Group
  • Specialty Training Committee

Specialty external representation is ensured by HEIW with representatives from the relevant Royal Colleges.

Current input includes the following areas:

  • Annual Reviews of Competence Progression
  • Deanery-led quality management visits
  • Specialty Training Committee representation

Claiming for Lay Representative Activity

In order to claim fees and travel expenses for undertaking Lay Representative work, a casual worker timesheet and an expenses form must be completed and returned to the Deanery within 3 months of undertaking an activity.  Click here for guidance on how to claim.


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