HEIW is committed to ensuring that appropriate governance arrangements are in place to enable the delivery of high quality postgraduate education and training that supports service provision in NHS Wales, now and in the future.

As such, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between HEIW and each LEP is in place and an annual Commissioning review process ensures that LEPs have been able to, and continue to, deliver against this SLA.

Quality Committee

HEIW’s Quality Committee is responsible for the governance of all activity in relation to quality management, quality improvement and postgraduate education support. The Committee meets twice per year and has representatives from all stakeholders.

Its primary responsibility is to advise the Postgraduate Dean on all matters relating to the quality of postgraduate medical education and training within Wales, ensuring that the requirements of the General Medical Council and other regulators are met and contributing to the continual improvement and enhancement of postgraduate medical education and training throughout Wales.

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