Local Education Provider (LEP) Faculty Teams

The Wales Deanery’s primary objective is to deliver excellence in postgraduate medical and dental education and training by ensuring that all training grade doctors and dentists have access to high quality postgraduate facilities and educational support so that they can achieve their potential in service provision to the NHS in Wales.

Within each LEP (Health Board or Trust) in Wales is a ‘Faculty Team’ central to the support, delivery and management of postgraduate medical education and training in Wales.

The exact composition of Faculty Teams varies with each LEP, but Faculty Teams typically comprise:

Assistant Medical Directors for Education (AMD)

Lead on the delivery of medical education and training in the Local Education Provider, ensuring that GMC standards are met and that a robust governance structure in relation to medical education and training is in place. For AMD contacts details please click here

AWHILES Librarians

Run NHS Wales and Cardiff University health libraries which provide health information to support patient care, education, training and research for NHS Wales staff, including all training grade doctors and dentists, and Cardiff University staff and students on placement. For more information please visit the AWHILES web page: AWHILES

Faculty Leads (FL)

Work in partnership with the Wales Deanery to support, deliver and manage postgraduate medical training in Wales. A number of variations to the Faculty Lead model exist across Health Boards determined by local need and governance structures, but generally each Faculty Lead has a specific area of responsibility (Trainers, Trainees or Quality). For more information please visit the Faculty Leads web page: Faculty Leads

Foundation Programme Directors (FPD)

Ensure that high quality Foundation training is provided, through access to suitable training, appraisal and assessment as set out by the Foundation Programme Curriculum for trainees. For more information please visit the Foundation Training web pages: Foundation Training

General Practice (GP) Programme Directors

Plan and run the Speciality Training Scheme for General Practice in their region, in accordance with national and regional policies and in consultation with Associate Deans, other Programme Directors, Trainers, Trainees and Faculty Leads. For more information please visit the General Practice web pages: General Practice

Medical Education Managers (MEM)

Provide support to the Faculty Team with regards to strategic direction, leadership and planning of the work of the Medical Education Department. This includes the management, facilitation and quality assurance of all local induction, teaching activity and training programmes for trainees.  The role also involves financial management and departmental policy and service development. For Medical Education Manager contact details please visit: PG Centre Contacts

Provide support and guidance for SAS doctors in the Health Board and leadership in relation to both the professional development of SAS doctors and the contribution of SAS doctors to education and training of trainees in relevant specialties. For more information please visit the SAS Doctors web page: SAS Doctors

If you aspire to secure a future role in medical education, please contact the Medical Education Manager at your local education centre for more information on how you can get involved with Faculty Team activity.

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